KNITTING RELAY (May/September 2012)
Let's create the "Blue UNESCO Flag"

Given the success of March 10, 2012, the day of the event when the presentation of "Knitting Relay" took place at the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza (MIC), we suggested a workshop be held during the "day of UNESCO to the MIC" October 7, 2012, day the Museum dedicated to UNESCO.
The objective is the creation of a "blue UNESCO flag", through the union of small pieces of knitting will be sent to the museum by the fans of Knitting Relay, not the Knitting Relay team itself.
The proposal is to participate freely in the construction of the flag of UNESCO, in the exhibition halls of the International Museum of Ceramics, on the 7th of October. Each participant will mail one or more pieces of knittings (crochet, sewing, knitting, felt, etc.) measuring 20 x 20 cm or 40 x 40 cm in BLUE (in all shades of blue, turquoise, blue, etc) and WHITE FLOWERS of different sizes (maximum diameter 12 cm) All work will be used during the workshop to make the flag of UNESCO. People involved on the day of “UNESCO to the museum”, will join the woven pieces, and may carry out new pieces of knitting during the workshop.
Admission is free, the goal is to have a good time sharing our hobby with others.
Another workshop is planned for children.

All creative people can participate, with needles, crochet, with fabric, felt and wool in general.
Send flowers or knitting to: MUSEO INTERNAZIONALE DELLE CERAMICHE (Laboratorio Giocare con l'arte - KNITTING RELAY) - CORSO BACCARINI,19 - 48018 FAENZA ( RA) ITALIA
IMPORTANT: Attach to your knitting, a sheet of paper with your information: First name, Surname, Home town. Optional: website, blog or Facebook of your activity.
DEADLINE: September 30, 2012.
Knitting or flowers collected will be used during the workshop to be held at the International Museum of Ceramic on 07/10/2012, to create a flag and they will not be returned.
Participation in this initiative constitutes acceptance of the Regulations in their entirety.

SHARE THIS EVENT ON YOUR WALL and invite your friends to become fans of our Facebook page and join in! 

We hope many people will participate!
Thank you for your attention:
Lauraluna, Mariapia and Andrea


Knitting Relay Edition 2011

Knitting Relay was created with the idea of collaborating with people who express themselves by "creating things". It's a new social network which has left the internet and has gone into homes and workshops of creative hands and minds. This is a new way of connecting people, creating exchange and broadening horizons.. a fantastic way to weave friendships. The idea is simple and genuine, and non-profitmaking, but with the goal of joining together the craziest creations via a trip throughout Italy.

This is only one piece of work, made by different people through the delivery of the "witness". Coloured threads of wool and other materials will unite Italy, from north to south, travelling through the centre, also including people who come from other countries. Different dialects for one language.

Knitting Relay will talk and be talked about. Along its journey through Italy it will talk about itself and of the people who contributed to this adventure, a relay race of knitted material which goes from person to person, from home to home, from city to city, and from region to region. It is travelling along the roads of a country which is celebrating 150 years of unification. 

Knitting Relay will be joined together and will bring together. It will bring together different hands, different ways of creating, different ways of thinking. It will be joined together by threads, wool, papier-mache, cloth and other materials, to be formed into one large piece of fabric. 

Contact between people is made via email but the creation moves by post, a traditional method, as traditional as the cloth itself. An expression of femininity which excludes noone. The Knitting Relay blog was created as a sort of diary of the relay. And it tells us of its journey through photos, comments and impressions thus enriching our itinerary and giving us new emotions.

We invite you to follow us!


1. The technique used must be crochet or knitting, the style is free-style. 
2. Other materials like paier-mache, copper wire, cloth, recycled materials, or felt are also permitted for joining up and sewing together, as well as the usual wool or thread, as long as they can be inserted correctly in the context of the work, respecting the overall effect.
3.Each participant will insert their own section, adding on the work already done, without compromising it or altering the work done by the previous particpants. And each piece added must be harmonious with the work done up to that point. 
4. Each participant must update the progress of the project on the Facebook page "Knitting Relay" in order to make the necessary contacts for the "witness" to be passed on and to update the latest news on the project.
5. The work will travel by post.
6. Participation is free. The only cost apart from materials used, is the cost of postage. We remind you that the Italian postal service "Poste Itlaiane" has various options, some of which may be seen below.

Paccocelere 3
Somma dimensioni: 150 cm
Lato max: 100 cm  
0-30 kg  9,50 euro + IVA  11,40 euro 
7. Take photos of your work. Participants should photograph the whole piece of work, as well their own piece. The photos should be on the highest resolution and should also be posted on the Facebook page or sent by email to one of the organisers. Participants are reminded that the quality of the photos is fundamental to the participation of this project, as Knitting Relay is travelling through the Internet as well as from home to home.
8. Participants should specify the dimensions of their work once it is finished and the measurements should be posted on Facebook or sent by email to the organisers.
9. Receipts of postage, shops receipts, envelopes and any other items relevant to your participation in this project should be kept. Items kept will help to tell the story and show the journey of the Knitting Relay. They may be used in an exhibition or in a show in the future.
10. Timing of the work: From the day the parcel arrives at its destination, it should only remain in the participant's home for FOUR DAYS. During this time, the participant should add their own piece, take photos and send the work to the next participant. In this time, the person in charge of the work should inform of its arrival and departure on the Facebook page or in a private email to the organisers.

The photos and information about the progress and growth of "Knitting Relay" will be published in this blog; other information will be published on the Facebook page.

Contact for and inclusion in the Knitting Relay project will be carried out via Facebook mainly between people who do not know each other personally. These few simple rules were enough to bring together 30 creative people living throughout Italy. Joining the project was via the Facebook page of one of the organisers of the project, Lauraluna Ceccolini. People could join by leaving a note on her wall saying "I want to join in too!" and stating their town of residence. Participation is open to everyone, beginners and professionals, bringing together women from all over Italy. Knitting Relay will travel all over Italy and the work goes from one project participant to another, open to creativity itself, and will travel over the whole country without any set route, north, south and in the centre of Italy, in a total of 30 stages.